Ill fatted souls driven by the appeal of phantasy
Driving exotic cars into lunacy
Real people in an unreal world
Living in between lies
Leaving thick spaces away from truth
Imprinting chocolate on the saness of their brain
Washing away truth through pride’s drain
Fellowship no longer house to house
But phone to phone
Such a life !
Such a lie!

The smallest big city with the largest mansions
Seeking for the highest likes and mentions
The center and cradle of lies
With pregnant virgins on the isles
A city replicated on the globe
It’s capital “the High Life metropolitan Area”
Her inhabitants in phantasy tones
Dropping bid by bid lies in fake cartons
Musing on truth, a phantom
Carrresing ego
Exotic pains overwhelmed by the plastered smiles
Convincing everyone “all is fine”

A communal people trapped in an ghost chase
Driven by the appeal of glitz
We could track the best meals, best wardrobe and best houses
Even the unimaginable
The photoshopped bodies and staged life
It’s residents, the best painters
They portray perfect lives only.

A republic with two major hills
The honest liars and the lieingly honest
Both living online
Depressed by their very lies
Imprisoned by the vain chase of glamour
It’s inhabitants a well of pride
Drinking to stupor their own lies
With skeletons in comely garments
Lies adorned in high places; dark and pale
Could barely see the traces of truth
Nor the faint whispers of same.
What a life!

Many lies abound but one Truth
You’ve punctured your soul with holes
And feed your spirit with junks
With your lies the city is short of power
Left with the light on your phones
But you start a conversation with
“The truth is”
Whilst you have wondered far way from same
Your truth is lame
You need to defend it
Really Truth doesn’t need a lawyer
Break from such misery
let the truth set you free!

Who did this to you
Who has Bewitched you
You were once upon a time a people hungry for Truth
It all started with little exaggerations
The little white Lies
Trying to give and impression or
Trying to prove a point,
Socialisation and world views
And now you’ve wondered to a far away land,


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