“Change is constant” is one quote that has become so familiar to us as our own skin. There is no denying that the world is constantly changing and whether we know it or not, we as individuals contribute to this change.

The power of thoughts is undeniable to how we influence this change. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. So, when we have positive thoughts, we tilt towards those things of positivity. It motivates us to help either by a gift of something materialistic, service delivery, uplifting of emotions through smiles or by

sharing a motivating and inspiring thoughts.

On the other side of the coin also, Negativity grows from our negative thoughts. It comes into manifestation when we say hurtful words, steal, demotivate or make others feel inferior.

it’s somehow difficult for us as humans to continuously be positive. However, I have come to the realization that whatever act we repeat over and over again becomes a habit. The world is full of negativity and if there is anything we can do; it is to shine a little light in it. Gradually we will tilt it towards positivity.

Everyone will not be positive, but we must play our own part. I believe that fire will eventually set others ablaze.

In this time of difficulty (COVID-19) we must be positive and be a source of light to others.

As much as it is within our powers, we must be positive. It beneficial to our health also

Edmond Yakubu


  1. Thank you tremendously voice palace,for sharing this powerful and self-edification spoken words…

    It is indeed very crucial particularly in this difficult days,to realize how words like this could be of help to all sundry, breaking forth and piercing into the heart of men and women to make positive change in the Society and the world at large..

    It’s self-evident that the Society we all live in, is full of Negativities.bad News,etc.The question that beg for an answer is, “what are we doing to make positive Landmark & impact on the face of the Earth,are we going to leave the Society they way we meet it, absolutely No.. whether the decay started before you where born or after you where born —The challenge of fixing our society rest in each and everyone of us–Because the problem started with one person—the solution have to start with one person–And that person could be you and me..

    The Truth is that our society is the way it is, because the citizens are the way they are,we shouldn’t expect better Society, until we have better men and women..

    I therefore in Conclusion appeal to young people,men and women to make raise up and make Notable Contributions to our Society and the world at large.. Thank you.

    Edmond Yakubu


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