Hello God!
Hello God!!
are you out there?
Can you hear me?

I am between the devil
and the deep blue see.
Somehow, your existence
is becoming oblivious to me.

Is my life a story book for children
that has lessons and warnings in them?
It is said that you are timeless.
Could it be that you are busy
writing and reading this novel
to Baby Jesus with lessons on the importance
of His coming.

Life is no bed of roses,
the torns now are my world
can you hear me or should
I keep on imagining.

I know you said in your word
that you are not deaf to our cry
but how do I know that?

I know you answer in three ways:
Yes, no and wait.
But this waiting seems difficult God.

Sometimes it pushes me into thinking you are silent
and into having the most foolish thoughts
Have mercy and forgive me God


  1. Hmmm

    God is ever sensitive, just keep praying and trusting him, he’ll answer you in due time. Never Give up. Never entertain or think doubt, just keep praying 🙏


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