Tool or Medal


Anchor Scripture: And behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be [Revelation 22:12].

The series “tool or medal” had three objectives: to enable us distinguish between a tool and a medal, to teach us how to appropriately use tools in ministry, and to equip us with the means to work towards obtaining medals.

It has been revealed through this series that; a tool is an instrument/device which enhances the achievement of a task with less effort. On the other hand, a medal is a reward of an exceptional work done. As established, there are certain tools (gift, God’s word, time, mind, stewardship and beauty.) God has entrusted into our care for doing good works. Putting those tools into work position us for medals (revelation knowledge, change of name, leadership position, financial blessings, miracles etc.). Medals received are meant to be used as tools for doing greater works. In this kingdom, you are not an owner but a steward, and a steward must be accountable (there is nothing you have that was first not given, as a trust, so anyone claiming ownership is a rebel).

There is a price for every prize/medal. All things are yours if you are willing to pay the price. Talking about the price for ‘anointing’, Kathryn Kuhlman during the Full Gospel Business Men International Fellowship Conference says “it cost everything”. What are you willing to sacrifice for the kind of medal you desire?

Many people desire, pray and work for medals, which is good. But often times than not, when they receive it, they camp there and build a life and philosophy around it. Over time, it becomes a ceiling over them (religiosity). This arrival mentality must be done away with in order to ever attain your full capacity. There is more to do, more to know, more to have; there is always more in God we are yet to access. From glory to glory. It is a journey, and the destination is at the feet of Jesus. Don’t settle/die where you are.

Your last medal shouldn’t be your last medal, work for your next medal. Note: your last medal can pose a hindrance to receiving your next medal. Appreciate God for every medal, but empty and prepare yourself for the next encounter, next assignment, next , next instruction, the next level; until you look like Jesus in every wise.

Decision: I won’t stop, until I look just like Jesus.
Further reading: Mathew 25:14-46
Discovery: The first Premier League golden boot was received by Teddy Sheringham in 1992/93 with 22 goals in that season.

By Abims Saint

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