“We have become so used to seeing the end result of people winning materialistically that we have no idea that winning spiritually precedes it”- Anonymous.

How are you really doing? Sometimes the load can be overbearing and with seemingly little result. It is okay to feel that way. we cannot choose how we feel but it is in our power to act however we want. Your feelings are not your choice but your thought and behaviors are.

Stay consistent and in due time things will fall in place.

Today we are going to consider true success, this is one of the concepts that have been wrongly interpreted, It has been given an egoistic interpretation, We are all caught in the web of wealth creation, We are seeking for ways each day to make our lives better.

We have interpreted success to getting good grades in schools and colleges, passing an exam, ascending the corporate ladder, making more money or fame etc.

I am going to work hard, get that job, promotion, car, first class, fame, get value for my services and spend without budgeting. I mean, we all want good things. This is coolly efficient but beyond that, success is more. The larger part of our time, our consciousness and thoughts are pressing towards success, we all want to be successful; we all want to win.

Our definition of success is handicapped, no wonder we keep beating ourselves without the peace and feeling of achievement and we console ourselves that we just need to do more, achieve more, put extra effort. That we need more promotions, more money, better grades or qualifications. Our steely determination for endorsement is received with mix admiration.

Sometimes when these efforts are invested without yielding result, we run to our safety nets while prying into the lives of others with dissatisfaction. The good news in the bad news is that these safety nets will not hold up anymore if you do not get the right definition of success and winning.

You can only define wining and success in the context of your assignment; A story was told of a King who hired laborers to work on his vine yard at different times but all received equal pay. Everyone has his/her own success story. You cannot act some one’s script, struggling each day to level up with no sense of satisfaction.

The greatest way to measure success is in service; Service to God and to humanity, everyday serve someone; Live an intentional live of doing to someone what they cannot do for themselves, honestly we all can be great because we all can serve. In the words of Mahatma Ghandi, “the best way to find yourself is lose yourself in the service of others.” When we personalize success, we miss opportunities to lift others.

In our quest for success; as we climb that ladder let us be sure that the ladder is placed in the right position, imagine you have climbed that ladder and gone far up only to realize that the ladder was not placed in the right position. You will have to take the 360 turn, It doesn’t matter how high or fast you climb the ladder if it is leaning on the wrong wall.

I quote the words of Archimedes “give me a place to stand and I can change the world.” You cannot properly measure success if you are not first in the right place. Understanding your assignment saves you a lot.

Success is in problem solving. What problem are you solving? The ingredients of success at the highest level are our talents, gifts and passions. We can only win when we harness these gifts and talents to meet needs, solve problems, and add value to people.

The goal is to die empty; to run a race not with any man but ones’ self, To finish well and to finish strong.

Ultimately, Success is not a destination it is a journey. Success is a story. It is determined by your daily routines. our decisions and we how we make them. Each day we either make or mar, we either repair or prepare. It is by the steely effort we make each day to improve our lives and the lives of others, it is by the efforts we make to draw men to light, to truly connect to others. By the smile you share to lift cheer someone up and little jokes to save the day. The little acts of kindness and expressions of love.

Thank you so much for reading. Please if this was helpful kindly leave us a comment and follow our blog for more.


  1. These words are just mighty to me, I am just speechless, so so so powerful.

    If you have a desire to change the world this article above is a formula you need!!
    Thank you so much voice palace.


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