‘The place of the deep’

That place were oratory fails,
groaning and utterances prevails.

Love so boundless,
of the next person I am clueless.

This relationship is endless,
Ahhhhh! ahhhhhh!

Singing the song of the spirits
and dancing to the rhythm of angels.

The place of the deep;
such a connection.

A date with the immortal;
drinking not from cups but portals.

Oh! fountain of living waters,
in your presence nothing else matters.

Not to talk about the tables scattered,
you made a ridicule of time.

In your word I saw my agenda- lame,
my filth I saw bare.

And with your grace I didn’t care:
should we talk about the consuming fire or the refiner’s fire?

Condensing my short comings,
your glory I saw.

The aura of your presence overwhelming,
I couldn’t but fall in love every single moment.

This was supposed to be my waiting;
but I found myself loving.

Such beauty!
Perfect bliss.


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