Belleza de Sumisión: The Beauty of Submission.

An Appeal to all Women.

Why will God hide power in weakness?
Why make the strong look fragile?
Why make the mighty emotional?
Why clothe strength in feminity?

Are we truly the weaker vessel?
Or we’re too strong that we need taming.
Are we truly this soft?
Or, we’re like the “sigma bond”?

Why submit to the head, when I’m the neck?
Why yield to the head, when I can turn it’s direction?
Why wait for instructions, when I lead the veins up there?
Am I asking too many questions?

Why bow the knee in submission,
when I can influence kings and princes?
Why condescend into womanhood,
when I am the ‘anakazo’ that compels?

Why change my surname to his,
If without me, he can’t be a whole?
Why bear children I won’t name,
when he himself is “nameless”?

Why burn the incense for him,
when he doesn’t know HIM?
Why sweat out my heam,
When I’m not valued by him?

Why serve a man out of divine alignment?
Why follow a man whose vision ain’t clear yet?
Why submit to the unbelieving husband?
Am I naked that I should be covered?

Why do I even need a “covering” as they say?
Was it because I first ate the fruit forbidden?
Or it’s their strategy to colonize and dominate us?
I pondered, but the questions thundered!

Then, He who spoke with the thunder roared.
The Almighty spoke.
Elohim made a decree.
The scriptures were opened.
My eyes became quickened.

He said:
“Submission is not weakness,
it is power under control.
Submission is not self belittling,
It is channelling strength for glory.
Submission is not servitude,
it is aligning to divine order.
Submission is not because of fear,
It is influence without making noise.

Submission is not dumbness,
it is the power of God to convict.
Submission is not ugliness,
it is the adornment for holy women.
Submission is not misery,
it is a woman’s greatest ministry.
Submission is not condescending,
it is the platform for honour.

Submission is not what the world says,
it is head where the crown is placed.
Submission is not limitation,
it is your biggest covering from the enemy.
Submission is not just an action,
it is first an attitude of the heart.
Submission is not what the man demands,
it is what God expects of the woman.

Submission is grace clothed in purple.
Submission is virtue covered in white.
Submission is elegance robed in red.
Submission is the gold adorning your neck.

Submission is the scepter for your dominion.
Submission is the cologne making you irresistible.
Submission is the hill making you an unhidden tower.
Submission is your weapon to silence the accuser.

Submission was the wisdom of Sarah.
Submission was the veil of Rebecca.
Submission was the secret of Deborah.
Submission was the fragrance of Esther.
Submission was the anointing over Anna.
Submission was the empowerment of Mary.

Time will fail me to speak of Priscilla, of Zipporah, of Salome.
Of Ruth, of Rahab and other women.
Who through submission;
Conquered kingdoms.
Wrought righteousness.
Performed miracles.
Stopped the months of lions.
Judged the nations.
Administered grace.
Confounded angels.
Lived holy,
Serving the Lord”.

Here my questions were answered.
My confusions settled.
My intellectualism stilled.
My ignorance enlightened.
My pride humbled.
My weakness graced to obey.

I am settled, that the man must lead,
while I faithfully follow.
That through submission,
my name will also be written,
together with that of the matriach’s.
My labors will be captured,
On the eternal scrolls of holy women.
I will not be left out.
I will deliberately submit.

I am a woman.
Submission is beautiful.
I am beautiful in submission.

Shwarji Samuel.
©Oiled Pen.

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