From the get to the go, your uniqueness glows.
You loved without asking for nothing in return.
Your lovers are always used as a bad example.
Though you have nothing to give, yet many fall on your laps.
Inaction is your best advice, never helping us rise, whispering into our ears “I love you the way you are”.

Oh dear Vati, many strive to avoid you only for your comfy aura to entice them.
“Don’t worry, be happy” is what you preach, “success is evil” is what you teach.
Shame comes with your touch, yet the presence of excuses blinds some eyes to notice.
The only money you give is to pay deaf ears and blind eyes to our needs.
Saying goodbye with many as they flirt with success.
They reminisce on days spent with you, yet they miss you not.
Dear Vati, how you’ve caged many as they blame others for not breaking free from you.

Oh dear Vati, poor you, You became the symbol of nothing.
Like a leaky faucet, you were meant to drop and spill any great content in you.
Craving quantity over quality.
No matter how you disguise yourself and flip your name,or how many people storm into your frame, you’ll always be Poor Vati (Poverty.)



  1. Many shall break free from your clutches vati, for light shall come to the simple, passion and strength shall be revived in the sons of men.
    The poor shall again say am rich, and the weak say am strong.

    Insightful poem.


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