“When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable.”- Rick Warren

How are you doing, I mean how are you really doing? Sometimes you need to take a pose and ask yourself this. Take a few seconds to honestly answer this. Reevaluate yourself, how is your spirit, soul and body faring? Don’t be caught chasing shadows at the expense of these three.

You really don’t need the pressure and negative energy. Be motivated by the right stuff, put your efforts and courage on the right direction. Fear self-deceit, people pleasing and a false sense of achievement. Some folks can never be pleased you know.

Truth is the pressure can be so overwhelming that sometimes you need to retire to a remote place for solace. And it is perfectly okay to continually sieve all the troubles, anger, sentiments and indignation. On the path of life, you really don’t need that.

We will be taking a series on purpose discovery. In this series we intend to cover the following:

  1. What is purpose?
  2. Why you should discover purpose?
  3. How to discover purpose?
  4. Tools to help you achieve purpose, general recap and conclusion.

At the end of this series, we hope that you understand why it is necessary to discover purpose and to achieve same. Also we hope you take up the challenge and decide to achieve purpose and make lasting impacts. We earnestly hope you discover the treasures of real joy, satisfaction and assurance that comes with achieving purpose.


Purpose refers to an object to be reached; a target; an aim; or a goal. It is the intention for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

In another sense, it refers to a person’s resolve or determination.  


To discover means to find unexpectedly or during a search.

 Oxford Advance Learners Dictionary defines the word discover to “find something or somebody that was hidden or that you did not expect to find.”

Hence, to discover purpose means to unravel or find the hidden intention in which one was created. It is a deliberate an intentional act.

There is no person that has no purpose tied to his life waiting for him to unravel. In other words, no one is a product of chance. There is an assignment tied to your life right from the inception of time. But you see, it is important that you first discover it.

Your purpose is not your decision it is your discovery. The purpose for your existence is awaiting your discovery.

One can only discover the purpose of a thing by the maker of such thing. We have to realize first that we are created and secondly that we are sent.

The creator decides what he has created you to do and become. The product does no decide but the manufacturer does.

Purpose is the intention of God for bringing you to the earth. It is different from your ambition. Your purpose is God’s divine mandate written concerning your life while your ambition is your creation.

The messenger doesn’t determine the message. You are sent to this generation and in this dispensation.

Do not pursue the wrong project or beat yourself up with the wrong message. Do not do what you are not assigned or go where you are not sent. You cannot afford to live by chance.

Whatever are the conditions surrounding your birth, you are never a biological accident nor a product of the big bang.

You can only be successful when you discover the purpose of God concerning your life and work to achieve that.

You are born for a reason!

 I will end with this quote by W. Clement Stone “Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement”

Follow us through this series and we promise you a step closer to purpose. Please if you know this series will be helpful to someone kindly share. You wouldn’t know what colossal damage it could cause by not sharing.

Thank you.


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