I have got a life to live;

An assignment to fulfil,

A divine mandate to complete,

And purpose to achieve.

I have stories to tell;

of the many times I fell,

Not just that,

But of the grace I saw.

I have a song to sing;

With lyre and harps,

Not that only

But from my very lips.

I have a people to deliver;

From captivity in Egypt,

Not just that

Cos I was once in Egypt.

So when the fiery trial comes;

Let me not see it strange,

If I expect miracles everyday

I will need to make normal the hurdles.

 There is a goal to achieve;

A task to carry out,

and I will not rest

Until his glory shines forth.

When the race is over;

Let me survive the fires of the furnace,

Not that only

Let me finish strong.

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