Are you wondering what life is all about?
Are you struggling to discover your purpose?

We have clues to help you discover your purpose and live a meaningful life.

Life is a temporary assignment. We become victims of chance if we do not understand the purpose to which we were created for and how to accomplish same. It is important that we understand our uniqueness.

Below are ways to help you discover your purpose

  1. Reading. You do not create your purpose, you discover it. For you to discover it takes deliberate act of searching. This act of searching involves reading: Reading through the scriptures, literature, stories and biographies of other people. Your purpose has been scripted from the beginning. It takes an intentional act of reading to unravel it. It was recorded that the greatest man in history; Jesus discovered the place written him. You cannot know and achieve purpose outside of the scripture.
  2. What you love. This is different from ambition. Your joy and peace is in your purpose. Love is a propellant that makes us pursue anything. The love you have for a thing produces wisdom. Love produces determination and tenacity making every challenge surmountable. What you truly love the most could be children, peace, aged etc. find that which you truly love. What is the thing you could do even if no one is paying you? What would you love to do if money was no longer a factor? What are you passionate about?
  3. The place of your pain. What you cry about is a clue to a problem you were created to solve. What are the things you have gone through in life that has caused you so much pain. Sometimes it is not necessarily your experience but an inherent grieve or the experience or reality of others. “Where you hurt the most is a clue to what you may heal the best” mike Murdock. Turn your hurt into healing for others. For instance, you struggled with low self-esteem or domestic violence, could it be that you are called to liberate many in same struggle? Identify your childhood, traumas, adversity and little big things, it may be pointing you towards your purpose.
  4. Writing and sharing our experiences gives us a sense of meaning. Our stories give us a sense of direction, destiny and purpose. “we all have the ability to make a narrative out of our own lives. It gives us clarity on our own lives, how to understand ourselves, gives us a framework that goes beyond the day to day and basically helps us make sense of our experiences” – Emily Esapahani Smith; The Power of Meaning.
  5. what you hate. What causes you anger can be a clue to your purpose. Sometimes you wonder why only you seem to be bothered or angry about a particular situation. Just like Moses; he hated slavery little did he know he was called to be a deliverer of Israel.

Finding our purpose is both an intellectual, emotional and spiritual pursuit. conversely, there is no purpose outside God it can at best be ambition. You have to be aware of who God has called you to be. The ultimate goal of every believe is to make heaven at last but we would not get there until our assignment is over. you need to be deliberate about life. Know why you are here and whether your decisions align to your purpose.
Knowing save you a lot. Sometimes it is evolutionary it is not an event. As we grow and learn, we begin to understand God more and our purpose. We also discover tools to achieve Purpose.

One thing is sure, you cannot edit a blank page. You can evolve and improve as you put your hands to service and helping others.

Thank you so much for reading. We believe this was helpful. We hope you venture into your purpose and make lasting impact. Kindly share and help others discover their purpose.


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