‘Complete package’

We were monochorionic;
together we seemed diabolic,
You will think we were Identic.
But we had a sensory diversion:
two sides of the same coin.

He was beauty,
I was the beast.
He was the winner,
I was the loner.
He was the way maker,
I was the brick layer.

He had heightened connectivity
and I had heightened sensitivity.
He glows all day,
I resurface in the dark.
He was a raging storm and howling thunder:
I was dampen and tranquilized.
He was the strong and resolute one,
Oh me the poor phlegmatic.

Our constellations never aligned:
we both wondered who would triumph.
I thought I’ll walk away in due course
Or he did retreat at last.
It disgusts that he got all the likes
Seem to be competing in the same place in the sun.

Our spirit was bridled,
I didn’t realize that was me.
Reflecting in different shapes and colors,
I’m the same beauty and ugly.
It’s the beautiful cycle of epigenesis,
Realizing that erupted the me in me
It’s the complete package.
That’s what makes me stunningly perfect.

1 Comment

  1. Complete package…,
    that was partially ravaged;
    That, made her a savage.
    Till she saw she couldn’t manage.
    Then she took up her leverage,
    as she broke out from the average.
    Now she sips her beverage.
    Because success is not by age.
    I guess God has always been her coverage.


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