“We can take no credit for our gifts. It’s what we do with them that matters” -Mary Burchell.

To everyone who has been following this series, we say thank you and we also hope it has been a blessing to you. If in the past you knew not what your Purpose was, we hope with this you have been able or been trying to discover it.
For this week, we will be talking about the “Tools to achieving Purpose.” Overtime, I have come to realize that many people mistake these tools for their purpose.
In order to effectively carry out the purpose and assignment of God over our lives, God deposited in us innate gifts and potentials. These gifts and potentials are to help us fulfil our purpose.
These gifts includes writing, singing, painting, public speaking and a host of others. These are tools that help us to achieve whatever our Purpose is.
Sometimes we may not have clarity on our purpose but these gifts happen to be pointers to where we are going. The peculiarities of an assignment demands special tools for such work. For example if your purpose is to connect with children and teens, Things like animation, singing and other similar talents can be tools to achieve this. Tools make the fulfillment of purpose possible and often times easier.
These tools can be innate and will also need to be developed for better delivery. You really cannot do everything and should not put your hands to do everything.
Whatever you find yourself doing, Make sure it aligns with your purpose.
Here are a few list of tools to achieving Purpose among many

  1. Singing
  2. Writing
  3. Dancing
  4. Public speaking
  5. Teaching
  6. Painting e.t.c
    Without knowing what our purpose is, we can sometimes focus on these tools and then end up with no results. These tools are divine gifts that helps us navigate across the waters of Purpose. God has prepared us with these and it’s up to us to build and harness them depending on the situation or what are the demands of our purpose.
    Let us fan these gifts as a Workman prepares his tools for work; Not as though the tool is the work but that it provides for efficient and effective delivery of the work required.
    Let us not be carried away by our gifts and talents, usurping all the glory and forget that there’s a people to reach and deliver; a message to send; a problem to solve and a work that needs to be done. Focus on what really matters!
    Thank you for reading. We believe this was helpful. Kindly share to others as well.


  1. I noted that the tools are not necessarily the purpose but are means of achieving God’s purpose. It is a timely message for this generation. Thank you, Evelyn.


  2. Thank u very much, really been picturing purposes wit gifts but right now this inspiring article have made me to think deeper as I was reading.


  3. I love this 💜💙💚

    More so, we oftentimes make the mistake of venturing into so many things without actually being grounded in a particular one, which consequently makes us ineffective and shallow as to the matter concerned.

    More grace dear……..I’m keenly following the series.


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