If you’re reading this, I want to let you know that it is nice having you here and I am appreciative of you having to follow us up this far.

Lately, I have been on a journey through this book titled “Martin Luther had a wife and did John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, Dwight Moody, William Booth, William Carey, Billy Graham and Adoniram Judson”. This book gives an amazing insight into the life of these men and their wives and so also a little of Their journey through Faith.
I have not finished reading the book yet, but I felt it is something I should share as I read deeper.

The first time I saw this book, I thought it was talking about “Martin Luther king jr” because I didn’t get to see the title clearly. It is a fascinating and amazing book that has so far opened me to up the beauty within serving. I will try and take their lives one after the other and almost everything here, will be based on my perspective and view. You are free to correct me and share more light.

Martin Luther is said to be the father of the Protestant movement. Martin’s father had always hoped he did become a lawyer. However, after his Master’s Degree he had a turning point and decided to become a Catholic monk.

In the course of his studies, Martin had a different view about rituals and certain duties to obtain salvation and with time protested against the Catholic church. After that, Series of events took place and through such, he ended up meeting Kathie a nun he had helped to escape from the convent.

The matrimony between Martin and Kathie, wasn’t on the premise of love. However, I am still fascinated by how the got it to work. Martin married Kathie somehow as a rebound and to also clear the air over certain rumours of his affairs with the nuns he had rescued. Bibliographers had it that, Martin had a quick outburst while Kathie on her own part was outspoken. Typically we might expect a lot of issues with this union and they did for a little while until they found their bearing.

I saw one partner willing to compromise in one aspect and vise versa. Through years of being together, they became strongly affectionate of each other and built love. The letters sent to Kathie by Martin still fascinate me of the amount of affection he had for her. Reading through their story, I could picture myself standing right there.

Love happens when we accept we are not perfect and try to work on ourselves. It is a decision never to give up on your partner; it is the will power to stay and build regardless.

-Danladi Nengak Precious

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