‘Lonely paths’

She’s the regular kinda girl.
She’s beautiful not in the conventional way-
Pet peeving her way through life
She’s on a virgin land;
A wilderness she’s daring to route.

There’s always a price:
glamour has rough paths,
mot to talk about the crazy patch.
Some days she cries her self to sleep,
other days she wakes up with great wit
bossing up and ready to plough with grit.

You don’t wish yourself into the lala land.
Late nights and early mornings,
mass acquittances with small circle
being misunderstood by the many she’s fighting for.
Trying to live above her superstitious society,
some days quitting seems appealing.
When efforts hounds frustration and daunting
or the fear of missing out.
Let’s not talk about the days she sleeps on the couch
only to dream of tea lights and candles;
seeing a higher horizon beckoning.

Oh Monalisa!
She’s been nick named frugalista
and an area snob.
But that felt at sea by her steely determination to rise.
Friends think she’s book smart,
her decisions proved she’s also Street smart.
These lonely paths, she made familiar
fixing rotted wrecks,
giving value and fighting to stay within Budget;
Making giant strides from consistent creeping.

Keep your spirits strong,
Turn your conviction into fortune.
You’re doing just fine
Keep being obsessed with the price.
One day, it will pay off:
Failure is not in your DNA.
Keep pushing, it’s okay to trade a few years to secure a lifetime
They’ll be bad days, never concede
Wax strong into an unbeatable 21st century woman,
Making tremendous valor,
Making tremendous impact.

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