Growing up, I have had to stand outside our house after most political elections and then see whichever political party that won, make fun and mockery of the other political party. On some occasions the winning party creates caskets and cover it with the flag of the other party while they take round the community chanting songs of mockery. This often escalate into riots and fights. Unfortunately, this keeps repeating itself again and again after each political election.

Most people have no choice than to find safety wherever they deem safe. As much as I believe that there might be many factors attached to this, we cannot neglect the place of mental health and the need for psychologist in our society.

It is funny to find out that 99% of blacks and Africans do not see the need to regularly visit a psychologist because they believe psychologist are meant for those insane and those trying to beat addiction. Outside that, we do not see any other thing as a mental illness. I will however bet you that majority of us have issues especially with anger management and it has cost us a lot. A publication by Aljazeera in Oct 2019 has it that “One in four Nigerians suffers from mental illness, but help is hampered by tight budgets and a lack of skilled staff.” Such a shocking number don’t you think? A lot of thngs down here can get you to your breaking limits and hence necessitating the need for us to start placing great importance on our mental health. This is because, only through this can we start building meaningful communities and societies.I know that things aren’t always easy here and I wish the government can do something about it. We came taking a lot of injuries because we have people who mentally are ill but not insane.

Our mental health is important.

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