Poor child 3

Just à poor child
For i smile despite so much pain
Mama still struggle
Using her last cent’s
Just to see if she can get me a pen
Thou this will mean us not knowing the taste of a hen(meat)
I finally graduated
But still no job
Cos i couldn’t afford
To pay to get the job
So they snubbed though I was qualified

Things got harder
Basically we couldn’t lift a leg up the ladder anymore
Mummy needed money
To take care of my young hommies
So I decided to join the army
But I got sent to the battle front
And because I had no passion
I ran and hid at the first gun shot
I got call for mutiny
By my general whose son
Can’t even practically even get himself drinking water
And has become a junky
And was to be fire at by fellow poor kids
Or they also will get fired at

We are just a game of chess to them
And though they have a chest
What lies within is nothing
But high taste for evil

They are just wolves
That come once in a while with sheep clothing
Just to destroy us

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