ENDSARS PROTEST? What you should know!

“A nation that accepts to live a third-class life is just a third-class nation! If a nation wants to be called and recognized as a honorable nation, it must be firm enough to refuse any kind of policy which is against the right of dignity of any person! No refuse, no honor! If you don’t refuse bad government, you deserve it all the way! “–Mehmet Murat Ildan

As a nation, we have witnessed some of the most drastic in recent times in Nigeria. Consequently , these agitations are not born as a result of recent occurrences but accumulated grievances. There is a great outcry by the Nigerian youths who have refused to be consoled. The Nation wide protest as we see today was kindled by the protest against the extra-judicial killings perpetrated by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

This is a nation-wide protest has gotten the support of many persons, including renowned local and international celebrities and political figures. It is obvious, the Nigerian youth have been far stretched, and pushed to the wall beyond their boundaries. They are lean on patience and cannot afford to stay silent any longer.

The flagrant impunity and abuse of human right carried out by some members of the Nigerian Police force, is highly irritable and unacceptable. This is evident in the violent acts of bullying , unlawful detention, beating, confiscation of valuable property, extortion and extra-judicial killings.
Imagine living in a country where your right to life is not guaranteed, how much more your dignity, welfare and other socio-economic necessities? Truly, it is a highly unfortunate situation.

Why are the protests still subsisting despite the so called dissolution of SARS and introduction of a new unit of the police; SWAT?
Among other things, these are the demands of the youths from the Federal government:

  1. EndSARS|/SWAT
  2. Sack security chiefs
  3. Improve security
  4. Reduce petroleum pump price
  5. Reduce PHCN bill
  6. Create more jobs
  7. Stop banditry and herdsmen attacks
  8. End ASUU strike
  9. Place politicians on minimum wage
  10. Sign the Electoral reform bills
  11. A Nigerian president must have at least a first degree

As a whole the youths are clamoring for an end to BAD GOVERNANCE. For long the youths have been silent not because the enemy is Nigeria but that the enemy of the people is a culture bad governance by public servants elected by the people . The youth have demonstrated great patriotism for their country and as clear as day light, Hope has risen for a better Nigeria.

We say NO TO SARS/SWAT, NO to impunity and executive recklessness, No to police brutality. The power of the people is held up high and we seek to remind the government that we are not cowards anymore and their arrogant rulership style must come to an end. With one voice, with no fear we say WE ARE NOT JUST TIRED OF LIVING AS A THIRD CLASS NATION BUT TIRED OF LIVING THIRD CLASS LIVES.

The high spirit, activism, donations and services of professionals and all patriotic Nigerians to this cause is highly commendable. This Activism has gone beyond mammoth crowds protests on the streets but also massive regional prayer walks.

I will end with a quote by Abe Lincoln “to sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men”

The #EndSARS protest has gone through many phases. Ranging from it’s being hijacked by thugs and hoodlums, shooting of peaceful protesters, looting and a whole lot. It is important to note that the youth will not back down despite the resistance of the government and selfish individuals in high places. They will match on with hope that this will be the birthing of the Nigeria we all hope and pray for, because this is our home.


  1. End-SARs protest is a show of frustration by the nigerian people. This is to inform political office holders and aspirants that future misconducts will be deservedly metted with great resistance by their employers(nigerians).


  2. The demostration by the Nigeria youth over endsar saga, is a right step at the right direction, Is a cry for Justice,Good governance & real change…. in a Country where the masses are been treated as second class citizens, the rich & the political elites who looted our funds are treated like semi-gods.. the Country belongs to all of us, and as such Every being Should treated with dignity & respect…….This Struggle is not for we alone is for our Children & future Generations yet unborn.. is not over yet until is Done!!!!


  3. I see it to be that the Nigerian citizens are on break with the end SARs protest and the issue of bad governance in its entirety in order to see if there’ll be any positive response and result from the government, however if the government fails, the latter protest will be greater than the former! though more strategic …


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