Some things just take time; don’t be so hard on yourself.

How are you doing? I mean how are you really doing? You can stop reading this for a while just so figure out. The year is coming to a close and a lot is happening. 
One seems to be on a swing set of  anxiety, hopes, fears and daunting reality of unmet expectations.

I believe you are doing just what is enough for the moment. Some seasons are basically for  seed planting. Just that some seeds take longer time than others. Give yourself the allowance to grow. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It’s amazing how we fight for friends, tolerate toxic stuff and forgive others effortlessly. This is indeed commendable. But the problem is, we do not extend such act mercy and generosity to our own selves as we do to others.

We don’t appraise our own effort. We beat ourselves over things which are most times out of our control and infact, refuse to forgive ourselves for the mistakes of the past. Dealing with your self with leniency does not mean condoning ill behavior, it is having faith in your purpose and passion and pressing on resiliently no matter what.

Pulling your shit to your face makes you an object of self ridicule and a mess in a world of promise. This will often lead to both anxiety and depression.

Some things simply take time and that is what we don’t give ourselves. We don’t give ourselves the time to heal, to be productive or tarry long enough to see results.  We are simply just being hard on our own selves.

Once upon a time; I was sick but felt I had so much on my plate and kept managing my health until I finally broke down. A health challenge I could have majestically walked into the hospital for check up ended in tears.  Even on sick bay, I was in a hurry to heal. It was an emergency not only because I was terribly sick but because I wanted to heal urgently.

I was really in pain but I was more desirous of returning back to my regular schedule and attend to the things I thought were urgent.

I wanted to heal instantly!

But it never happens that way. Again, Good things take time. One of which is healing. Give yourselves time to heal both physically, mentally and emotionally.

In like manner, give yourself time to grow.  There is a law of nature called process.

In that process, you will make mistakes. Again don’t fight yourself. Give yourself that allowance to fail your way into success. Things take time.

Don’t be hard on your self. It is okay to scold yourself but know when to move on. Learn the art of showing up for yourself. Give yourself the allowance of making mistakes; unlearning and learning. Pull yourself back up and keep moving. Don’t be too edgy to your own self.

Give yourself time to grow, to heal, to build the career, faith, relationship and life of your dreams. It just takes time!


  1. “Give yourself time to grow, to heal, to build the career, faith, relationship and life of your dreams. It just takes time!”
    Somethings only happen in their due time! Great piece mama.


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