NEW SONG ALERT: His Power by Pam Hannatu

The power of God is like a rainbow of limitless shades. In whatever shade it manifest within time, it is utter beauty and bliss. There is no fault in him and he has the ability to do all things and be all things but to fail. He is not less God nor less powerful because of the times he tells us NO.

It takes little or no effort to see the power of God in the good times but it takes being intentional and deliberate to acknowledge the might and power of God through loss and pain.

Hannatu Pam Chollom is a minister of the gospel through songs and Psalms. She is a vessel God has carved for himself through experience. A lady familiar with pain and loss yet, still holding the forte.

Through her hurting experiences, particularly the death of her father and subsequently mother gave her series of encounters that has solidified her conviction about God.

No doubt, this song titled “His power” released in commemoration of her birthday anniversary is a product of such encounters. That in the midst of heated pain, loss and despair; we can trust in the power of God even when reality defies human understanding and verifiable evidence.

This song promises an edification of our spirit man from burning out spiritually due to overwhelming pressures of life and struggles of this world. When life becomes extremely uncomfortable, tap into the sufficiency and ability of God’s power to meet every need and to do all things.

Please download the song for your edification and listening pleasure. Do well to share to as many. Be blessed.

Thank you.

His power Lyrics

1st stanza:
He has the power to say no…
He has the power to heal the broken heart….
He has the power to separate the sea….
He has the power to amend everything…..

2nd stanza:
His power is moving everywhere…..
His power is touching everyone…
His power can move every Mountain….
His power is healing everyone….

Shout the name of Jesus
Shout the name
Of yaweh….
Shout the name of Jesus
Shout the name
Of yaweh….

Oh oh oh….
Eh eh eh….
Oh oh oh…..

The ending…


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