2020 In A Nutshell: THANK YOU

We’ve talked severally about the year rounding up and bringing a lot of things into perspective. It’s no longer in the future tense but present. We have not only come close to the edge but we are at the edge. The year has actually come to a close and in a little while we’ll be welcoming another.

2020 came with a whole lot. Most of which we didn’t see coming. Aside the hounding covid 19 pandemic that brought the world to a stand still for several months, a lot also happened. People have lost their jobs and homes and loved ones, business went bleak. The economy ran indepthedly into recession and ravaging negative bank balances. The protest cum apathy from a government to her citizenry. Just so much for a year.

The bad news is the good news. We can see the glass half full or we can choose to see it half empty. When we reflect deeply, we are certain to see the beauty on every situation and victory on the other side. Probably you lived through a lot this year with acute vulnerability, confusion and panic; the fullest sun comes after the worst rain.

Conversely, if you fall amongst the smaller percentage who had 2020 as their best year and had a meteoric rise. Dance a jig!

Personally, I started the year jabbing a blunt finger tip with so much uncertainty. But it turned out to be one of my best years so far. Honestly, I give 2020 an endorsement despite the tough grin. I can say I made giant steps from creeping over the line. I met very beautiful persons and ventured out amidst uncertainty. I started my blog this year which is huge and was also called to the Nigerian Bar which is the largest Bar in Africa.(LoL)

There’s so much to be thankful for. You see, the problem is we have a flawed perception of success and we mostly give it a numerical quantification. Real beauty and bliss isn’t measurable with numerical/scientific standards. Sometimes the most basic and foundational connotations of success are in the intangibles such a love, friendship, peace, relationships, impact et al unfortunately, we easily discountenance them. We are all succesful in different worlds.

I employ you to counts your blessings, thank your Creator and everyone and everything he has used in 2020. It’s part of your story. It is very important to the extend that it determines the next phase of your life.

The voice palace says a big THANK YOU for your support. We are writers because you are here to read. Your comments, likes and follows are big wins to us. It gives us the energy to continue. Keep them coming. A big THANK YOU to all our clients and prospective clients; we are still on this trip and ready to serve you. You mean so much to us.

Compliments of the season.


  1. Thank you so much too, Dearest..your impact is truly Amazing….indeed!!
    You’ve been a blessing to all & sundry..
    God Bless U…we look forward to a Greater 2021 better than this year!!

    Happy New Year!!!


  2. Every drop of ink is deep and inspiring, you have made pleasant memories of moments that seem dark. Here we are expectant of the good the coming year holds. Thank you Voice Palace


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