GHABI weekly message

Who did Jesus Heal? 1

Welcome to a brand new year, God did it for us again, and we remain grateful to Him, all the glory is His now and forever more, Amen.

We are starting this year with the series “Who did Jesus Heal?” In the series we will be looking at the life of people Jesus healed, their faith, wisdom, drive, focus etc. We will also see how the power of God works with our attitude.

In the cause of this study we hope to learn from them and also apply some of their qualities in our lives, we will learn the power of faith and persistence, we will also learn the importance of gratitude.

This series will contain ten 10 episode including this introduction and the conclusion, every part will carry a unique message as the Holy spirit is leading us to write, we will share the series every Sunday, all things being equal.

By Duwara

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