I have been writing for while, but never really called myself a writer. I had limited myself to just writing poems and referring to myself as a poet. Subsequently, most of my writings, began to earn recognition and hence exposing me to more people and more friends.

Apart from the fact that we attended the same Church back then in school, I and Evelyn were members of the same group and she has always fascinated me.

She will later come to me with her idea of building a website and wanted me to work with her on it. At first, I thought it will be something not serious and hopefully a hobby.

Shame on me. I was shocked when on our first meeting to discuss the whole idea, She showed up with Partnership Laws of Plateau State and how we all can play our part. It scared the heavens out of me at first, but also showed me that I needed to find myself and see myself in the light of how others saw me.

I have been one, who somehow believe and love imperfection. However, I have come to learn that being all serious and expecting a level of perfection from whatever we plant our energy into, also build us.

Knowing what was online, pushed me into a more deeper level of self development and growth. To gain perfection, I have grown and have also developed. Last time I was writing and using Gram-marly, I came to the revelation of how I can actually write without it now.

For Evelyn herself, I believe she has always been in doubt about herself and because of that, she thought about the importance of others view. Along the line of things, I have come to the revelation of her love for perfection, not neglecting the fact that she can be an emotional writer and self engrossed.

I have however, been open to the fact that we really can’t be perfect at first, but as we advance and grow, we must strife for a level of perfection. Perfect imperfection should kind of be a thing I think.


It is very easy for us to see ourselves as insignificant and incapable of influencing change, no wonder we do things without even considering if it will have a down side upon the lives of others.

I somehow was in this category and with that mindset. I had the belief that there are many people up there doing great and amazing things that will captivate people’s attention and so I am oblivious and invisible.

However, all this was proven wrong, when at a gathering a number of persons came up to me and spoke about how I have influenced them in one way or the other. A lot still look up to me and are grateful for each encounter.

Being the change and influencing the world isn’t about where we are, who we are or how perfect we are. There is always someone who sees us as a source of encouragement. This puts responsibility on us to be better and great. No matter how insignificant you think you are, there is always someone watching and looking up to you.

An African proverb has this to say; “if you think you are to small to make a difference, you have never been in a room with a mosquito.”


Mohammed Bin Rashid in his book, wrote about how that at a certain time he had an encounter with a journalist who asked him what wish he will make for Dubai if given the chance. He hesitated in answering that question and according to him, he realized that everything he would have wished for Dubai, are things he himself could provide.

This wasn’t an answer to dispute the existence and power of God. He however, realized that God made everything he needed available for him to better the lives of the citizens of Dubai.

It’s amazing to realize that Dubai is not even a country; rather a city in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai can boast over fascinating feats other countries can only pray and why is that possible?

They have individuals who see Leadership as serving the people rather than serving themselves. The citizens come before “I”. Bin Rashid wrote of the sacrifices his father made for Dubai. Dubai believes in a leadership of showing the citizens what to do rather than telling them what to do.

The idea that how a single individual’s act can change a nation is something that should get us to question ourselves.

Israel prides in the ability of its junior staffs to correct their superiors when they are making mistakes or on the wrong; because they believe that no one is knowledgeable in all things.

We should not desire of God to do what he has placed in our hands to do.

The problem of bad governance, is the problem of bad individuals and for every nation to thrive, it’s citizens and leaders must be honest to themselves and take responsibilities for the change they desire.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum


I have always tried to stay far away from anything that concerns politics. As an undergraduate, I saw it as a waste of my time and have also thought of it as an ambition for those who are corrupt or care about only themselves.

No doubt that’s what my beloved country has painted politics to look like and for the many who value their dignity, they see politics as not something they can get involved in. I read a quote that says; when we don’t support the oppressed, we have taken the side of the oppressor and in every way, that’s right.

The recent happenings in my country has opened my eyes to how I am very much involved and guilty in having bad persons sit upon the seat of power and governance. Somehow, I have felt I can’t make any difference nor will I be affected by the policies these persons will put in place. It sad to realize that my own action has caused harm to a lot of people.

I wasn’t involved in informing the people about their right and importance of voting for a candidate that has their interest at hand rather than voting for one who will make fake promises and deceive them with little gifts for the mean time. I wasn’t involved in sensitizing them about the power of their votes and the right question for them to ask.
My state for one, is a state plague by “Party politics.” Most people vote for a party rather than the candidate and it is a narrative I could have changed long ago.

I know there are a lot of others like me and this isn’t the time to regret: but a wake up call for every one to get involved in politics. We must read and prepare ourselves to fight for a nation that put its citizens first.


Malcolm X once accused the Whiteman Christianity for being responsible for sustaining slavery and segregation for many years. He was almost completely correct. Slavery has long been part of history, all civilizations had it, from the Egyptian Civilization to Western Civilization. It was the Western Civilization, which was founded on Judeo-Christian Worldview that found it morally wrong and ended slavery as we know. Not only that, it embarked on a worldwide crusade to make sure other non-western nations involved in slavery ended it. At the fore front of this were the Christian Missionaries, from William Wilbeforce to Frederick Douglas to millions of others.

But Malcolm X argument is not without some support. The Christian teachings of love your neighbor as yourself, turning the other cheek, and heaven influenced the slaves so much that it became difficult to resist slavery and racism itself. The mindsets of blacks, especially within the US had to change remarkably before the Civil Rights was achieved. Christianity had the tendency to make any of its adherents so calm, often to a fault.

Why is this important? It is the gimmicks that Christian are currently employing in other to avoid the #EndSars protest. Christianity is a religion that has always stood against any form of oppression. It has actively been on the side of the oppressed. Across history, Christians have manifested their beliefs against oppression by behaving in extremely irrational ways and ensuring that oppression is fought. There’s no place for conservatism against oppression. Bishop Desmond Tutu has said that “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor”.

For those calling for prayers ALONE, I would like to remind you that it was the same thing that many generations of slaves did. It is the same thing that we have done even here! Is it good? Yes. But prayer alone does not win political results. The determination of political outcomes have been left to the political calculations that any set of people can develop. If Martin Luther King and all the other Civil Rights Leaders had prayed alone, we will not be here. If Frederick Douglas and all the abolitionist had prayed alone, slavery would not have ended.
Most Christians around here love President Donald Trump, but we seem to not know that it was majorly the evangelical voting bloc that made Trump President, without the strong support he has received within the evangelical block, Trump will not be President. They use their pulpits to decry the social ills they’ve seen in America, they use their social media to make their opinion known, they attend political rallies, and they ensure to make their voices known through action, votes! What does this tell us? Bringing socio-political change requires more than prayers. It requires action. 40% of Nigeria’s population is Christian, if we cannot use our numbers to determine effective political actions, we are failing the very men who brought Christianity to this part of the world and we will apologize to the many who created affected the political circumstances to make Christianity possible in these regions!

We can keep praying but also important, it’s time for direct action! Your tweet, your post, your writing, your social media, your presence, your wealth are all weapons needed in this battle. There’s no time to do otherwise.

“Let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever flowing stream” Amos 5:24

In fact, because of Nigeria’s religious inclinations, we can actually harness prayer to become a powerful tool in our arsenal against oppression. One time tensions were high, King was leading a group of protesters to Montgomery, if the protestors March into Montgomery they will be attacked. King led the protesters through major bridge linking the two places, they knelt down, prayed and turned back. It was symbolic, prayer was used to calm the protesters and at the same time, they had crossed the bridge into the city but did not go deep enough to cause trouble. NO NIGERIAN POLICE WILL TOUCH A GROUP OF PRAYING PROTESTERS MARCHING TO THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OR ANY PUBLIC PLACE.

By Lengdung Tungchama

Poor child 3

Just à poor child
For i smile despite so much pain
Mama still struggle
Using her last cent’s
Just to see if she can get me a pen
Thou this will mean us not knowing the taste of a hen(meat)
I finally graduated
But still no job
Cos i couldn’t afford
To pay to get the job
So they snubbed though I was qualified

Things got harder
Basically we couldn’t lift a leg up the ladder anymore
Mummy needed money
To take care of my young hommies
So I decided to join the army
But I got sent to the battle front
And because I had no passion
I ran and hid at the first gun shot
I got call for mutiny
By my general whose son
Can’t even practically even get himself drinking water
And has become a junky
And was to be fire at by fellow poor kids
Or they also will get fired at

We are just a game of chess to them
And though they have a chest
What lies within is nothing
But high taste for evil

They are just wolves
That come once in a while with sheep clothing
Just to destroy us


Growing up, I have had to stand outside our house after most political elections and then see whichever political party that won, make fun and mockery of the other political party. On some occasions the winning party creates caskets and cover it with the flag of the other party while they take round the community chanting songs of mockery. This often escalate into riots and fights. Unfortunately, this keeps repeating itself again and again after each political election.

Most people have no choice than to find safety wherever they deem safe. As much as I believe that there might be many factors attached to this, we cannot neglect the place of mental health and the need for psychologist in our society.

It is funny to find out that 99% of blacks and Africans do not see the need to regularly visit a psychologist because they believe psychologist are meant for those insane and those trying to beat addiction. Outside that, we do not see any other thing as a mental illness. I will however bet you that majority of us have issues especially with anger management and it has cost us a lot. A publication by Aljazeera in Oct 2019 has it that “One in four Nigerians suffers from mental illness, but help is hampered by tight budgets and a lack of skilled staff.” Such a shocking number don’t you think? A lot of thngs down here can get you to your breaking limits and hence necessitating the need for us to start placing great importance on our mental health. This is because, only through this can we start building meaningful communities and societies.I know that things aren’t always easy here and I wish the government can do something about it. We came taking a lot of injuries because we have people who mentally are ill but not insane.

Our mental health is important.



It’s glad to have you join through this journey. Last week I shared with us from a book I was reading and as continuation of that book, I will share my perspective on the marriage of John and Molly Wesley.
Most of us are familiar with the name “Wesley.” I believe it is like a household name to most of us. Who are the Wesleys? So far in the book “Martin Luther had a wife,” Wesley seem to have the worst marriage. William Petersen has it recorded that a biographer once said “along with Xanthippe and Job’s wife, Mrs Wesley had to be rated as one of the worst wives in all of history.” And another Biographer had said “then Wesley will be the worst husband.”
I think the issue with the Wesley household had less to do with them and more with external forces and how they allowed such had a hold in their life. To me, John had married Molly to get back at Charles his brother and the Holy club. He had earlier promised not to get married without their permission. He then eventually met Grace Murray, a widow who shared in his dreams, purpose and enjoyed going on missions with him. But when his brother and the Holy club heard of this, they convince her into marrying someone else for his own dignity and integrity. Though some biographers didn’t absolutely think he will have married her anyway. Prior to her, he had about 3 broken engagement and there was no evidence that with her, he will complete his vow. It was after this that John met Molly (a widow) and they eventually got married. Unlike everything with Grace, Molly didn’t really had to fit into any list nor did he go after the Holy club nor his brother for approval.
Later on, Molly will complain about how the church treats her as if she is not one of them.

On a certain mission, a biographer has recorded that Molly complaint allthrough. Molly wanted to be acknowledged and recognised, but Wesley gave her little or no attention. His mind was always focus on preaching and preaching. At a point, Molly is recorded to have left him, and then returned after a while before they separated again and she eventually died.

In my opinion, Molly and Wesley really didn’t put much energy into preserving their marriage. Wesley was always busy and Molly had her own world to deal with. Everyone was a separate entity on its own.

Molly had at some point complain about the high number of lady admirers Wesley had and Wesley did nothing about. Some series of letters are recorded to have been intercepted by Molly which she tried giving to the media houses to ruin his reputation and probably bring him back home. I think Wesley is a man who Celibacy might have fit perfectly. He was radical as Paul and needed nothing to hold him back. This I think was probably one of the factors that held him back from getting married early.

It takes two to make a marriage work. We are married only to each other and must try as much as possible to deal with external influence. I am no marriage expert, but I Know it should be taken seriously. It takes a deliberate and intentional couple to make it work.

Thank you for reading this far. Hope you had a wonderful time and I hope you did look for this book to read and judge for yourself. I will continue the subsequent chapters and I pray it blesses you.

Thank You.


If you’re reading this, I want to let you know that it is nice having you here and I am appreciative of you having to follow us up this far.

Lately, I have been on a journey through this book titled “Martin Luther had a wife and did John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, Dwight Moody, William Booth, William Carey, Billy Graham and Adoniram Judson”. This book gives an amazing insight into the life of these men and their wives and so also a little of Their journey through Faith.
I have not finished reading the book yet, but I felt it is something I should share as I read deeper.

The first time I saw this book, I thought it was talking about “Martin Luther king jr” because I didn’t get to see the title clearly. It is a fascinating and amazing book that has so far opened me to up the beauty within serving. I will try and take their lives one after the other and almost everything here, will be based on my perspective and view. You are free to correct me and share more light.

Martin Luther is said to be the father of the Protestant movement. Martin’s father had always hoped he did become a lawyer. However, after his Master’s Degree he had a turning point and decided to become a Catholic monk.

In the course of his studies, Martin had a different view about rituals and certain duties to obtain salvation and with time protested against the Catholic church. After that, Series of events took place and through such, he ended up meeting Kathie a nun he had helped to escape from the convent.

The matrimony between Martin and Kathie, wasn’t on the premise of love. However, I am still fascinated by how the got it to work. Martin married Kathie somehow as a rebound and to also clear the air over certain rumours of his affairs with the nuns he had rescued. Bibliographers had it that, Martin had a quick outburst while Kathie on her own part was outspoken. Typically we might expect a lot of issues with this union and they did for a little while until they found their bearing.

I saw one partner willing to compromise in one aspect and vise versa. Through years of being together, they became strongly affectionate of each other and built love. The letters sent to Kathie by Martin still fascinate me of the amount of affection he had for her. Reading through their story, I could picture myself standing right there.

Love happens when we accept we are not perfect and try to work on ourselves. It is a decision never to give up on your partner; it is the will power to stay and build regardless.

-Danladi Nengak Precious