‘Lonely paths’ She’s the regular kinda girl.She’s beautiful not in the conventional way-Pet peeving her way through lifeShe’s on a virgin land;A wilderness she’s daring to route. There’s always a price:glamour has rough paths,mot to talk about the crazy patch.Some days she cries her self to sleep,other days she wakes up with great witbossing upContinue reading “LONELY PATHS”


OPPORTUNITIES“…time and chance happens to them all.” I arrived my lodge at Frankfurt Marriott Hotel, at the break of noon after a long day. I was speaking earlier at THE ALLIANCE FOR INTEGRITY’S GLOBAL CONFERENCE in Frankfurt Germany with representation from at least 21 countries including America. It is a one-day conference bringing together stakeholdersContinue reading “OPPORTUNITIES”


‘Complete package’ We were monochorionic;together we seemed diabolic,You will think we were Identic.But we had a sensory diversion:two sides of the same coin. He was beauty,I was the beast.He was the winner,I was the loner.He was the way maker,I was the brick layer. He had heightened connectivityand I had heightened sensitivity.He glows all day,I resurfaceContinue reading “COMPLETE PACKAGE”