It’s glad to have you join through this journey. Last week I shared with us from a book I was reading and as continuation of that book, I will share my perspective on the marriage of John and Molly Wesley.
Most of us are familiar with the name “Wesley.” I believe it is like a household name to most of us. Who are the Wesleys? So far in the book “Martin Luther had a wife,” Wesley seem to have the worst marriage. William Petersen has it recorded that a biographer once said “along with Xanthippe and Job’s wife, Mrs Wesley had to be rated as one of the worst wives in all of history.” And another Biographer had said “then Wesley will be the worst husband.”
I think the issue with the Wesley household had less to do with them and more with external forces and how they allowed such had a hold in their life. To me, John had married Molly to get back at Charles his brother and the Holy club. He had earlier promised not to get married without their permission. He then eventually met Grace Murray, a widow who shared in his dreams, purpose and enjoyed going on missions with him. But when his brother and the Holy club heard of this, they convince her into marrying someone else for his own dignity and integrity. Though some biographers didn’t absolutely think he will have married her anyway. Prior to her, he had about 3 broken engagement and there was no evidence that with her, he will complete his vow. It was after this that John met Molly (a widow) and they eventually got married. Unlike everything with Grace, Molly didn’t really had to fit into any list nor did he go after the Holy club nor his brother for approval.
Later on, Molly will complain about how the church treats her as if she is not one of them.

On a certain mission, a biographer has recorded that Molly complaint allthrough. Molly wanted to be acknowledged and recognised, but Wesley gave her little or no attention. His mind was always focus on preaching and preaching. At a point, Molly is recorded to have left him, and then returned after a while before they separated again and she eventually died.

In my opinion, Molly and Wesley really didn’t put much energy into preserving their marriage. Wesley was always busy and Molly had her own world to deal with. Everyone was a separate entity on its own.

Molly had at some point complain about the high number of lady admirers Wesley had and Wesley did nothing about. Some series of letters are recorded to have been intercepted by Molly which she tried giving to the media houses to ruin his reputation and probably bring him back home. I think Wesley is a man who Celibacy might have fit perfectly. He was radical as Paul and needed nothing to hold him back. This I think was probably one of the factors that held him back from getting married early.

It takes two to make a marriage work. We are married only to each other and must try as much as possible to deal with external influence. I am no marriage expert, but I Know it should be taken seriously. It takes a deliberate and intentional couple to make it work.

Thank you for reading this far. Hope you had a wonderful time and I hope you will look for this book to read and judge for yourself. I will continue the subsequent chapters and I pray it blesses you.

Thank You.