Some things just take time; don’t be so hard on yourself.

How are you doing? I mean how are you really doing? You can stop reading this for a while just so figure out. The year is coming to a close and a lot is happening. 
One seems to be on a swing set of  anxiety, hopes, fears and daunting reality of unmet expectations.

I believe you are doing just what is enough for the moment. Some seasons are basically for  seed planting. Just that some seeds take longer time than others. Give yourself the allowance to grow. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

It’s amazing how we fight for friends, tolerate toxic stuff and forgive others effortlessly. This is indeed commendable. But the problem is, we do not extend such act mercy and generosity to our own selves as we do to others.

We don’t appraise our own effort. We beat ourselves over things which are most times out of our control and infact, refuse to forgive ourselves for the mistakes of the past. Dealing with your self with leniency does not mean condoning ill behavior, it is having faith in your purpose and passion and pressing on resiliently no matter what.

Pulling your shit to your face makes you an object of self ridicule and a mess in a world of promise. This will often lead to both anxiety and depression.

Some things simply take time and that is what we don’t give ourselves. We don’t give ourselves the time to heal, to be productive or tarry long enough to see results.  We are simply just being hard on our own selves.

Once upon a time; I was sick but felt I had so much on my plate and kept managing my health until I finally broke down. A health challenge I could have majestically walked into the hospital for check up ended in tears.  Even on sick bay, I was in a hurry to heal. It was an emergency not only because I was terribly sick but because I wanted to heal urgently.

I was really in pain but I was more desirous of returning back to my regular schedule and attend to the things I thought were urgent.

I wanted to heal instantly!

But it never happens that way. Again, Good things take time. One of which is healing. Give yourselves time to heal both physically, mentally and emotionally.

In like manner, give yourself time to grow.  There is a law of nature called process.

In that process, you will make mistakes. Again don’t fight yourself. Give yourself that allowance to fail your way into success. Things take time.

Don’t be hard on your self. It is okay to scold yourself but know when to move on. Learn the art of showing up for yourself. Give yourself the allowance of making mistakes; unlearning and learning. Pull yourself back up and keep moving. Don’t be too edgy to your own self.

Give yourself time to grow, to heal, to build the career, faith, relationship and life of your dreams. It just takes time!


Social media as the new power and game changer for social movements builds the focal point in a recent discuss by SMSGAfrica in its November’s edition of it fireside chat held in Jos, Plateau State.

The fireside chat with the theme: social movements and the use of social media for social impact, is geared to empower participants with information and resources needed to be able to drive social movements while leveraging on social media.

Discussants at the event; Oluwadaser David, Director-General PICTDA; Teyei Joel, Co-founder Tomruk iHub Multiverse; Maryam Mohammed, Founder Women in Leadership Initiative and Ponsah Fanap, Broadcast Journalist at Jay FM, with Nankpak Cirfat, Team Lead SMSGAfrica moderating the discuss made turns to make contributions to the discuss.

According to Mr. Teyei Joel, social movements are an organized gathering of individuals and groups who either want to show discontent or certain things from happening. Teyei went further to reiterate that social media is a game changer for social movements as it presents an open and participatory platform.

Mr. Oluwadaser David stressed need to have an identified source of information, as communication among social movements can be effective through social media which will help foster the achievement of the goals and aims of the movements.

On regulation of the social media space, Mr. Ponsah Fanap opines that government should have some form of regulation, but technology companies should handle regulation on their platforms.

Ms. Maryam Mohammed added that admins of social media groups should also regulate the kind of profiles allowed into the groups and also have some rules to guild in the sharing of content on the platforms.

While thanking speakers and participants, the founder of Tomruk iHub Multiverse, Mr. Ayuba Job David advised that government should use relevant MDA’s to teach young people how to use social media responsibly.

The November’s edition had Young Leaders and representatives from the Government, CSOs, Private Sector and the Academia in attendance, and was put together by Jos based Tomruk iHub Multiverse with support from ITEdgenews, Compunent and African Languages Hub.

In commemoration of international men’s day.

19th November is celebrated worldwide every year to commemorate the contributions and achievements of men at different levels ranging from family, community, workplace and nationally.

The theme for this year’s is “better health for men and boys”. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being;it is all encompasssing.   It is worthy of mention  that this aspect has been neglected and exposing men to mental and emotional disorders and trauma. In recent times, the rate of suicide amongst men is on a go.

Health goes to productivity, managing stress and relationships. Men do so much to earn a living and barely enjoy living. And today, your well being has become of vital concern to our collective survival. The socio_economic pressure and demands can be irksome. Honestly, It’s hard being a man out there.

It’s hard going through laborious days and still keeping your fun spirit in tact. How do you live such selfless lives and always putting the needs of others before  yours?

In the midst of  tremendous socio_economic crisis and moral decadence, we employ you to take your health more seriously. This neglect has birthed a lot of ingenuity, illments, gender rivalry, sexual violence et al.

Men suffer from social exclusion as the boy child is often neglected even at a  tender age. He’s just expected to be fine somehow. The society in my opinion will be a better place if even attention is given to both gender at early development and adulthood.

Today, we celebrate all men. Keep being true to thyself, the world is a better place with you in it.

We value you!
Your achievements are not unnoticed!
Your contributions are greatly appreciated!
Thank you for your love and sacrifices.

Happy international men’s day.

‘Allergy of my soul’

‘Allergy of my soul’

It kept craving and wouldnt be satisfied
I fed it with pies and candy yet;
It refused to be pacified
I took it to the best hotels with assorted drinks and  meat;
it didnt appreciate and kept craving for strong meat.
That; I couldn’t fathom

“Oh you ingrate
I gave thee all pleasures of life
But you wouldn’t be satisfied
Took you for adventures but wouldn’t stop seeking and searching.
You are wearying!
Irking me to my bones
Making me moving within cones”

But I was a fool
My soul had an allergy
For junks, costly apparels and pleasure.
Of the things money can’t afford;
In unison it demands in one accord
The imperishable, food for immortals.
Poor me,
I fed my lion with veggies!


“History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

SMSGAfrica, a social innovative hub brings to you it’s November edition of her Fireside Chat with the theme: “Social Movements and the use of Social Media for Social Impact”

Date: Friday 20th November, 2020
Venue: 2nd Floor Adunbi Plaza, 12 Rwangpam Street Jos.
Time: 3pm


  • Oluwadaser David
    Director-General, PICTDA
  • Teyei Joel
    Co-founder, Tomruk iHub Multiverse
  • Maryam Mohammed
    Founder, Women In Leadership Initiative
  • Ponsah Fanap
    Broadcast Journalist, Jay FM

This Fireside chat seeks to empower you with the information and resources to make effective decisions in social movements when leveraging the use of social media for social impact.

SMSGAfrica, a community of social innovators solving Africa’s social and economic challenges using social media as a platform for exchange of ideas

For Inquiries and partnership: 07038713285

Connect, Inspire, Impact


Mohammed Bin Rashid in his book, wrote about how that at a certain time he had an encounter with a journalist who asked him what wish he will make for Dubai if given the chance. He hesitated in answering that question and according to him, he realized that everything he would have wished for Dubai, are things he himself could provide.

This wasn’t an answer to dispute the existence and power of God. He however, realized that God made everything he needed available for him to better the lives of the citizens of Dubai.

It’s amazing to realize that Dubai is not even a country; rather a city in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai can boast over fascinating feats other countries can only pray and why is that possible?

They have individuals who see Leadership as serving the people rather than serving themselves. The citizens come before “I”. Bin Rashid wrote of the sacrifices his father made for Dubai. Dubai believes in a leadership of showing the citizens what to do rather than telling them what to do.

The idea that how a single individual’s act can change a nation is something that should get us to question ourselves.

Israel prides in the ability of its junior staffs to correct their superiors when they are making mistakes or on the wrong; because they believe that no one is knowledgeable in all things.

We should not desire of God to do what he has placed in our hands to do.

The problem of bad governance, is the problem of bad individuals and for every nation to thrive, it’s citizens and leaders must be honest to themselves and take responsibilities for the change they desire.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Social Media for Social Good Africa announces new Board of Managers

Social Media for Social Good Africa (SMSGAfrica) a project of Tomruk iHub Multiverse, a social innovative enterprise community aimed at using online tools in solving offline problems for sustainable growth and development, uses this medium to announce it’s new Board of Managers (BOM) for 2020/2021.

The new BOM is expected to carry out our mandate to connect, inspire and Impact on communities to use digital tools to drive and support transformational development in Africa.

  • Team Lead
    Nankpak Cirfat
  • Secretary
    Deborah Bupwatda
  • Assistant Secretary
    Elijah Paul
  • Treasurer
    Glory Ayobami
  • Lead Communication
    Ibrahim Kallamu
  • Lead Programming
    Okoko Lawrencia Jenebu
  • Lead Membership
    Senkaam Danaan
  • Assistant Lead Membership
    Adesina Oluwasegun
  • Lead Sponsorship
    Nyigba Blessing
  • Assistant Lead Sponsorship
    Evelyn Pulle

SMSGAFRICA through its conferences, fortnightly fireside chats amongst other activities, has engaged 5000+ youths and hosted 100+ visionary speakers.

We believe that by creating an enlightening, positive, supportive, and high energy environment, we can help the society to grow and develop.

Teyei Joel
Co-Founder, Tomruk iHub Multiverse

Connect, Inspire, Impact

ENDSARS PROTEST? What you should know!

“A nation that accepts to live a third-class life is just a third-class nation! If a nation wants to be called and recognized as a honorable nation, it must be firm enough to refuse any kind of policy which is against the right of dignity of any person! No refuse, no honor! If you don’t refuse bad government, you deserve it all the way! “–Mehmet Murat Ildan

As a nation, we have witnessed some of the most drastic in recent times in Nigeria. Consequently , these agitations are not born as a result of recent occurrences but accumulated grievances. There is a great outcry by the Nigerian youths who have refused to be consoled. The Nation wide protest as we see today was kindled by the protest against the extra-judicial killings perpetrated by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

This is a nation-wide protest has gotten the support of many persons, including renowned local and international celebrities and political figures. It is obvious, the Nigerian youth have been far stretched, and pushed to the wall beyond their boundaries. They are lean on patience and cannot afford to stay silent any longer.

The flagrant impunity and abuse of human right carried out by some members of the Nigerian Police force, is highly irritable and unacceptable. This is evident in the violent acts of bullying , unlawful detention, beating, confiscation of valuable property, extortion and extra-judicial killings.
Imagine living in a country where your right to life is not guaranteed, how much more your dignity, welfare and other socio-economic necessities? Truly, it is a highly unfortunate situation.

Why are the protests still subsisting despite the so called dissolution of SARS and introduction of a new unit of the police; SWAT?
Among other things, these are the demands of the youths from the Federal government:

  1. EndSARS|/SWAT
  2. Sack security chiefs
  3. Improve security
  4. Reduce petroleum pump price
  5. Reduce PHCN bill
  6. Create more jobs
  7. Stop banditry and herdsmen attacks
  8. End ASUU strike
  9. Place politicians on minimum wage
  10. Sign the Electoral reform bills
  11. A Nigerian president must have at least a first degree

As a whole the youths are clamoring for an end to BAD GOVERNANCE. For long the youths have been silent not because the enemy is Nigeria but that the enemy of the people is a culture bad governance by public servants elected by the people . The youth have demonstrated great patriotism for their country and as clear as day light, Hope has risen for a better Nigeria.

We say NO TO SARS/SWAT, NO to impunity and executive recklessness, No to police brutality. The power of the people is held up high and we seek to remind the government that we are not cowards anymore and their arrogant rulership style must come to an end. With one voice, with no fear we say WE ARE NOT JUST TIRED OF LIVING AS A THIRD CLASS NATION BUT TIRED OF LIVING THIRD CLASS LIVES.

The high spirit, activism, donations and services of professionals and all patriotic Nigerians to this cause is highly commendable. This Activism has gone beyond mammoth crowds protests on the streets but also massive regional prayer walks.

I will end with a quote by Abe Lincoln “to sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men”

The #EndSARS protest has gone through many phases. Ranging from it’s being hijacked by thugs and hoodlums, shooting of peaceful protesters, looting and a whole lot. It is important to note that the youth will not back down despite the resistance of the government and selfish individuals in high places. They will match on with hope that this will be the birthing of the Nigeria we all hope and pray for, because this is our home.


I have always tried to stay far away from anything that concerns politics. As an undergraduate, I saw it as a waste of my time and have also thought of it as an ambition for those who are corrupt or care about only themselves.

No doubt that’s what my beloved country has painted politics to look like and for the many who value their dignity, they see politics as not something they can get involved in. I read a quote that says; when we don’t support the oppressed, we have taken the side of the oppressor and in every way, that’s right.

The recent happenings in my country has opened my eyes to how I am very much involved and guilty in having bad persons sit upon the seat of power and governance. Somehow, I have felt I can’t make any difference nor will I be affected by the policies these persons will put in place. It sad to realize that my own action has caused harm to a lot of people.

I wasn’t involved in informing the people about their right and importance of voting for a candidate that has their interest at hand rather than voting for one who will make fake promises and deceive them with little gifts for the mean time. I wasn’t involved in sensitizing them about the power of their votes and the right question for them to ask.
My state for one, is a state plague by “Party politics.” Most people vote for a party rather than the candidate and it is a narrative I could have changed long ago.

I know there are a lot of others like me and this isn’t the time to regret: but a wake up call for every one to get involved in politics. We must read and prepare ourselves to fight for a nation that put its citizens first.