Tool or Medal 10



Anchor scripture: I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well [Psalms 139:14]

Beauty is beautiful. It is beautiful to be beautiful. Beauty is beyond what the optical eyes alone can see. Man is a spirit, he has a soul and lives in a body. Yes! There is the physical beauty and the inner beauty. The physical beauty is an abstract term that is defined based on human set standards of what they consider to be” beautiful”.

The concept of beauty used to be regionally defined but it’s now sold and imposed upon the masses worldwide by the media. Some focus only on the superficial; facial looks, hair, skin, clothes rather than that which resides within, whereas it is that inner beauty that really defines you and who you truly are (Rassool Snyman).
To be beautiful means much more than the attraction of attention; of course, beauty is attractive.

But much more than having the form that pleases the eye (being attractive), it also means to be exercising dominion; to be fruitful; to be holy; to be pleasant; to be adorable; to be graced and full of grace; to be glorious; to be kind; to be wise; to be loving. There is beauty in everyone, even though not everyone has developed the ability to “be it” or “see it”. You are created beautiful. You are beautiful. Doesn’t it make you tremble and wowed when you consider the complexities of human system and the mystery in the operation of the human spirit? Oh! How fearfully and wonderfully MADE I am in God’s image!

Esther the Queen and Joseph the dreamer were people described in the Holy scriptures to be extremely charming, yet their looks didn’t hinder them from recognizing the place of God in their lives (as it were in the case of Absalom and the king of Tyre). As a matter of fact, it aided them in accomplishing God’s purpose for their lives. Wrong knowledge about beauty have led many into prostitution and womanizing, and eventually made a shipwreck of their lives. Improper management of physical beauty can be deceptive. Beauty gives access, but don’t be deceived; physical beauty/handsomeness will fade away with the passing of time. It is wise to use your beauty to bring glory and honor to God the giver of it, that is how you praise the maker. Confess and forsake any misuse of your physical beauty today.

Decision: I will use my beauty/handsomeness to serve humanity and eternity.

Further Reading: Ezekiel 28:11-19

Discovery: Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica was crowned the Miss world 2019 on 14 December 2019 by her predecessor Vanessa Ponce of Mexico.

By Abims Saint


“Change is constant” is one quote that has become so familiar to us as our own skin. There is no denying that the world is constantly changing and whether we know it or not, we as individuals contribute to this change.

The power of thoughts is undeniable to how we influence this change. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. So, when we have positive thoughts, we tilt towards those things of positivity. It motivates us to help either by a gift of something materialistic, service delivery, uplifting of emotions through smiles or by

sharing a motivating and inspiring thoughts.

On the other side of the coin also, Negativity grows from our negative thoughts. It comes into manifestation when we say hurtful words, steal, demotivate or make others feel inferior.

it’s somehow difficult for us as humans to continuously be positive. However, I have come to the realization that whatever act we repeat over and over again becomes a habit. The world is full of negativity and if there is anything we can do; it is to shine a little light in it. Gradually we will tilt it towards positivity.

Everyone will not be positive, but we must play our own part. I believe that fire will eventually set others ablaze.

In this time of difficulty (COVID-19) we must be positive and be a source of light to others.

As much as it is within our powers, we must be positive. It beneficial to our health also

Edmond Yakubu


The year has been shared into two equal halves. The first half of the year didn’t meet much of our expectations, particularly the second quota. But I believe there’s so much to be thankful for.

It did get us to the edge. We weren’t sure when this will pass or that we will survive it. And since we are alive, we will not stop fighting nor holding the fort. And if you look closely you’ll see the many opportunities that came with this challenge.

I want you to know that you are special to us and cherished. We wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you for the feedback and follows. We have a free one month advertisement for you. Please feel free to patronize. We hope to have an interactive, educative and exciting tour into the second half of the year.

May the month of July unfold better realities to our grasp. That better opportunities will come through for us and love, peace and joy will be the song on our lips.

He who enjoys naught without thanks giving is as though he robbed God.
_saint John chrysostom.

Happy new month.


Ill fatted souls driven by the appeal of phantasy
Driving exotic cars into lunacy
Real people in an unreal world
Living in between lies
Leaving thick spaces away from truth
Imprinting chocolate on the saness of their brain
Washing away truth through pride’s drain
Fellowship no longer house to house
But phone to phone
Such a life !
Such a lie!

The smallest big city with the largest mansions
Seeking for the highest likes and mentions
The center and cradle of lies
With pregnant virgins on the isles
A city replicated on the globe
It’s capital “the High Life metropolitan Area”
Her inhabitants in phantasy tones
Dropping bid by bid lies in fake cartons
Musing on truth, a phantom
Carrresing ego
Exotic pains overwhelmed by the plastered smiles
Convincing everyone “all is fine”

A communal people trapped in an ghost chase
Driven by the appeal of glitz
We could track the best meals, best wardrobe and best houses
Even the unimaginable
The photoshopped bodies and staged life
It’s residents, the best painters
They portray perfect lives only.

A republic with two major hills
The honest liars and the lieingly honest
Both living online
Depressed by their very lies
Imprisoned by the vain chase of glamour
It’s inhabitants a well of pride
Drinking to stupor their own lies
With skeletons in comely garments
Lies adorned in high places; dark and pale
Could barely see the traces of truth
Nor the faint whispers of same.
What a life!

Many lies abound but one Truth
You’ve punctured your soul with holes
And feed your spirit with junks
With your lies the city is short of power
Left with the light on your phones
But you start a conversation with
“The truth is”
Whilst you have wondered far way from same
Your truth is lame
You need to defend it
Really Truth doesn’t need a lawyer
Break from such misery
let the truth set you free!

Who did this to you
Who has Bewitched you
You were once upon a time a people hungry for Truth
It all started with little exaggerations
The little white Lies
Trying to give and impression or
Trying to prove a point,
Socialisation and world views
And now you’ve wondered to a far away land,


Tell your story.

Tell your story; make sense of your experiences.

“The traces of our past shapes the narrative of our future”

We live in a world where our lives are carefully staged and released on social media. We talk about our achievements only without our story. we give an impaired interpretation to success. We are good painters and struggle each day to give a perfect picture of our lives. It is good to give a polished version of yourself but to what end?

 I wish I had the perfect life but it is only a wish. Conversely, I do believe that I have a perfect story. I see it as perfect because it a story uniquely told by the script writer.

 I am from a conservative family but was raised in a loud neighborhood: The epicenter of life and crazy. Naturally, in this neighborhood you will be inclined to a great social and “happening life.” It was never quite; too many scenes to shy off your boredom.

This very place did mare many great minds and got many others frozen. My background was not particularly what you will call a comfortable home but we sure had basic amenities.  I have lost a lot of contemporaries to drugs, abortions, cultism, riots and a host of other vices.

 My story would not be complete without the experiences I’ve had on this side of the globe. The first part of every story is where you come from. When you accept and understand where you come from it helps you see the radar to where you are going to. And when you do, why not share it?


We do not share our stories because we are not in fact not purposeful. There is something about your story that is meant to contribute to the world. And because it is your story, no one else can tell it. It is your unique finger print. You waste your life experiences trying to be a copycat. We all have unique experiences that grows into a great transformational and life changing story.

We withhold our stories because we aren’t proud of them.  Truth is life always happens. There may be certain aspects of your life or past you aren’t proud of. But until you own it, you will not heal. It is your story keep your head up, keep your eye contact and never look down. we have discountenanced sharing our stories because we think they are not vital. Sharing your story is not about you, it is about your audience. When we don’t share our stories, the less value we are to ourselves and to others.

we don’t share our stories because we are caught in the self- righteousness and don’t want to lose it. We only paint half of the story and carefully select our highlight. We withhold our crucible.

We don’t want to share some aspects of our story because of lack of confidence. We lack the boldness to talk about some areas of our lives. Sharing our stories makes us vulnerable. Honestly, it takes confidence and a daring mind to share personal stories but remember there is power in vulnerability.


 Life is a story. Our achievements and successes are not severable from our story.  Our stories make us who we are. I feel a thriller to a movie should direct us to see the movie, but what happens in real life is that the movie is never released.

We connect with each other. When we share our stories it resonates in the hearts of those who listens to us. Our stories make us connect with one another. We begin to see the uniqueness of our development alongside what we have in common.

We become relatable. Sharing our stories adds value to our electric lives and the collectiveness of our live experiences.

 Sharing your story is therapeutic. It makes you heal and help others heal. These stories may seem like lemons but when shared becomes lemonades. We should be free to share both the good, not so good and bad experiences. They are both sides of the same coin and are equally important.

Sharing your story boost your self-confidence and transparency. It takes confidence to talk about the uncomfortable things about you. And when you do, you realize that you don’t have anything to hide, to prove or to defend. Now that is where life begins.

Sharing your story gives you a sense of purpose. Whatever you have gone through in life has the ability to change others. It helps others learn from our experiences. The traces of our past gives us a sense of direction and destiny.

The scar on our skin should remind us of battles won, the fire we survived and the flood that didn’t drown us. We should talk about our failures, the heartbreaks, the disappointments, depression, family problems, financial problems, childhood etc. all the seemingly uncomfortable topics even while we sing our praises.

Ultimately, when we share our stories, it points people to see “Adam’s invincible hand.” What I will call GRACE, showing us a well of limitless possibilities, inspiring hope and breakthrough to as many.

Thank you for coming with me this far, I will appreciate your feedbacks. Please follow us on all our social media platforms. Also if this was helpful, we will love you to start sharing your stories. The voice palace is here for you. You can send us your story, an event or experience and how you overcame. I guarantee its confidentiality.

Tool or Medal

Tool or Medal 10

GodHasAbetterIdea weekly message

Matt. 15:26-28 He replied, “It is not right to take the children’s bread and toss it to the dogs.” “Yes it is, Lord,” she said. “Even the dogs eat the crumbs that fall from their master’s table.” Then Jesus said to her, “Woman, you have great faith! Your request is granted.” And her daughter was healed at that moment.

Sometimes I imagine myself in this woman’s shoe and I see myself leaving after such a response: humility is a virtue, and this woman had it, that even her comparison with A Dog did not discourage her from receiving her miracle(medal). The woman had persistence and faith that her problem will be solved.
Medals are won by disciplined and focused people.

How disciplined and focused are you in achieving your set goals?

By Duwara